The Timelines model is the 2018 evolution of the Population-Consumption model. It includes more variables, alternative values of which it projects for the time period -5000 B.C.E. to 2100 A.C.E.

Two sets of projections ("timelines") are shown in the following graph for future population (P), life expectancy (L), and Gross World Product (GWP). The first timeline (proj, also referred to as Timeline 2) is the closest match to historical data from 1950-2015, and the second timeline (fix) is an attempt beginning in 2018 to delay the peak of population that proj reaches in 2020.

Global Variable Options

Note that there are three versions of this model.

  • V1 was published in February 2018
  • V2 was published in May 2018
  • V3 was published beginning in March 2019 and previewed in the Simulated News blog beginning in January 2019

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