Past and future global population, consumption, natural resources, and economy are simulated as timelines, each the mathematical equivalent of history and future of an Earth in a parallel universe.

In each simulation:

  • Needs are the resources required and consumed directly to keep the world's population alive
  • Wants are the physical resources used directly for things they want
  • Waste is resources consumed and not directly used, typically to create wants
  • Nature is what remains of resources that can be consumed
  • Economic activity is expressed as the Gross World Product (in 2010 U.S. dollars)
  • Life expectancy (L) is in years

Of the timelines discussed here,

  • Timeline 0 ("TL-0") is observations of our own world, direct and derived, whose future remains to be determined
  • Timeline 1 ("TL-1") is the closest match to our own, with the projected resources shown below



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