Below are population-consumption projections of population if no changes are made to current behavior:


The population at the end of 2007 was estimated to be the following.

Global Ecological Footprint: 6.62 billion people
Energy: 6.71 billion people
Gross World Product: 6.75 billion people

See the following alternative scenarios:

  • No Growth (no population growth or decline, no change in per capita consumption)
  • High Growth (resources increased to accommodate current trends; not speed adjusted)

Following is a comparison of the no change (business as usual) scenario with projections from other sources:

The "World3" plot is from Scenario 1 in Dennis Meadows, World3-03 global simulation model as presented in Donella Meadows, et. al., Limits to Growth - the 30-Year Update, Chelsea Green Press, White River Junction, VT, 2004. The "Census" plot is from the U.S. Census Bureau, as quoted in The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2008, World Almanac Education Group, NY, NY, 2007.

















































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